Groove 2007: What is so special about it?

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Glad you asked!  Groove is one of those tools (like OneNote), that at first you think… why would I use that, but once you start, you realise that your life would suck without it!

What is Groove 2007?

Groove in the broadest sense is a piece of software which allows you to collaborate with people.  But not just people in your workplace, but your business partners, customers, or anyone you want!  The best part is that you do not need the IT department to create a site for you, or open up ports in the firewall, or actually be online to use it!  That’s right, you can be offline (away from the network) and still access a local copy of your collaborative workspace.  Once you log back on, Groove will sync the workspace with all of your colleagues.

But why would I want to use it?

Ever dealt with customers via email (if you answered yes, then go purchase Groove 2007 licenses now, and read the rest of this whilst you wait for them to arrive!).  Do documents get lost in the email, or do you find it hard to keep track of what you have shared with each customer?  Why not build a secure workspace, invite your customer to participate, and then collaborate!  You both have a secure place to share documents, chat about ideas, and send and receive messages.  I like to call it unstructured structured collaboration (if you get my drift).

Personally I use Groove all the time… so I will focus my next few posts on how you can take advantage of this great product to bring your friends close, and your customers closer!

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  1. I’ve spent the last few hours trying to get an answer to my question but can’t find it anywhere so I thought I would try here. Is it possible to use the send email from Word 2007 using an Outlook 2007 shared contact?

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