Groove 2007: How to create a workspace

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The first thing you will want to do (after setting up your Groove account) is to create a workspace, so you can start collaborating.

There are a few options to choose from when creating your workspace, depending on what you plan to collaborate about.

The Standard Groove 2007 Workspace

The Standard Groove 2007 Workspace includes a Files tool and a Discussion tool.  You can add more options later, but this is basically your bare bones collaboration space.

To create a standard workspace, click on “Create new Workspace” from the Groove Launchbar, type in the name of your workspace, ensure the “Standard” radio button is selected, and then click ok.

The File Sharing Groove 2007 Workspace

Using the File Sharing workspace, you can synchronize a windows folder across different computers.  The best part is that you can access the synchronized folder from any Windows Application.

To create a file sharing workspace, click on “Create new Workspace” from the Groove Launchbar, type in the name of your workspace, ensure the “File Sharing” radio button is selected, then click ok.

Groove 2007 Workspace Templates

If you have a specialized project or task you want to collaborate on, there are many different templates available for free which you can use.  To browse the available templates, click on “Create new Workspace” from the Groove Launchbar, and then select “Browse Templates”

This will take you to a webpage which lists a number of different templates grouped by the type of business you are in (Enterprise, Government or Small Business), or the specific function you are after.  The one I am most excited about is the “Annual Marketing Programs” template, which allows you go keep track of all the marketing programs you have on the go across a distributed marketing team!!!

The other option here is to create your own custom workspace, which could include any of the following tools:

  • Calendar – for marking dates
  • Chess Game – for building team morale
  • Discussion – for conversations
  • Files – for storing stuff
  • Forms – for collecting and viewing data
  • InfoPath Forms – for collecting and viewing data
  • Issue Tracking – for the status of issues and incidents
  • Meetings – for the management of agendas, action items etc.
  • Notepad – for editing text
  • Pictures – for sharing graphics, photos etc
  • SharePoint Files – for synchronizing with a SharePoint library
  • Sketchpad – for drawing stuff

Which option should I choose?

If you are just starting out, I would create a standard workspace.  This way you get used to the basic functionality of Groove 2007, and understand how it works without the complexity of added features.  Once you have the basics nailed, go straight for the workspace templates and start collaborating!

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