Word 2007: How to add page numbers to your documents

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To insert a page number into your Word 2007 document, salve you have two options

1) Double click where the header, for sale or footer is on your document.  This will activate the Header & Footer Tools Design tab in the Ribbon.  Then, stomach Page Number should appear as one of the features available.  Click on the Page Number drop down menu and you have a number of options.  At this stage you need to decide whether you want the page numbers to appear in the header of the document, in the footer of the document, or in the margin of the document.  Once you decide that, select you preferred page number style and formatting.


2) Click on the Insert tab in the Ribbon, and then the Header & Footer group.  You will find the Page Number drop down here.  Again, select the location that you wish the page numbers to appear, and the style and formatting.

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18 thoughts on “Word 2007: How to add page numbers to your documents

  1. How do you have both a page number and a footer? In proper manuscript format, such as for a novel, you are supposed to have your last name, a slash, and then the title or an abbreviation of the title on the left of the top header. On the right of the header, on the same line, you’re supposed to have the page number, starting with page 2. Unfortunately, unlike MS Word 2000, Word 2007 doesn’t want to do that; the header on the left upper corner disappears when you put in a page number, or vise versa. I know that I figured this out once before, probably using a Dummies book from a library, but now I can’t remember how to do it. I’d really appreciate it if you could explain.

  2. well i’m typing a book (:( its so hard cause i wrote most of it on paper first) how do I put the page number on both sides? I mean its a book its not like they have 1 1 2 2 3 3 or something its usually 1 2 3 4 5 6…yeah…so how do you do it??

  3. What if there are no page number styles available? Can I make one myself or download one? I checked Microsoft.com and there aren’t any page number styles there that can be downloaded.

  4. In Word 2007, can I insert a page number anywhere on a page, not within the Header and Footer zone? I could put one anywhere in Word 2003 but it appears not so in Word 2007. Is there a keyboard shortcut which can override Headers and Footers?

  5. Creat the footer in the usual way. Choose edit footer. Position cursor where you wnat page # to go. Return to Insert menu. Cgoose page number. Choose Current position. Choose the format you want. Click on this and bob’s your uncle!

  6. I really can’t stand Word. It’s so counterproductive. Excel is by far the better way to publish.

  7. This is ridiculous. I’ve tried using headers and footers to insert my page numbers.I’ve tried typing them in without these and nothing’s working.Help, I have a deadline to meet!

  8. How do you get “Page x of y”. It used to be easy with previous versions (a LOT of things used to be easier with previous versions)

  9. I am writing a project report and I need it in single file. I want no paging on first three page and the page no in roman (i-vi) in next six pages and then regular (1,2,3..) paging. How to get this?

  10. Hi Vin,

    I eventually found one preset “Page 1 of X” in all the presets you have in 2007.
    And you are right, 2007 is crap. You used to be able to add lots of active texts (page numbers, document path, date, …). I have’t found those options yet, either.

  11. Found most of the old settings page x of y doc name etc.

    When in word hit F1 to get the help window open.
    Search for “page x of y”, and then scroll down to find the one you want.

    it has explanations for adding doc paths, images etc all the good stuff you used to be able to do

  12. 2007 is so much harder than 2003. I hate it. I want to be able to just put my cursor in my footer and insert the page number field like in 2003. I don’t want any of those preformatted choices. I want to do it my way.

  13. So pi$$$ed … I’ve spent another fruitless hour on Word 2007 … WHY SO DIFFICULT TO add bloody Page 1 of 10 commands?

    I agree with VIN … why do I have to jump through Fcuking hoops just to add page numbers?? It was so easy … why does MS take the simple tasks and make them more difficult with each subsequent “upgrade”? Wasted time, wasted money and great frustration .. can’t find instructions that actually apply to the selections offered … ARGHHHHH!!

  14. you can still use the Quick Parts drop down menu (under insert)and then select [field]. You can then choose from a number of active fields and add them to the footers and/or heathers.

  15. I don’t know what’s going on. Or, I just don’t know what I am doing. Each time I put the title of my paper in the header and try to add the page number, the title disappears and each time I put the page number and try to type the title, the title disappears. How do I get both the title and the page number in the header at the same time? Can someone please HELP!!!

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