More than just word count – All the document statistics you want in Word 2007 using Status Bar Configuration

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In my last post on Word Count in Word 2007, we saw how we can quickly find out how many words are in a document, how many words are in a selection of text, and how we can find some general statistics about the document.  But what if that isn’t enough?  Well, there are a few more statistics hidden away behind the status bar which you can easily bring to the light of day.

To configure the status bar to show these deeper statistics (as well as some other aspects of the status bar), simply right click on the word count (or if it does not appear for some reason, right click anywhere on the status bar).

From this menu we can see a number of different statistics that we can place on the status bar.  They are: Formatted Page Number, Section Number, Page Number, Vertical Page Position, Line Number, and Column.  In the status bar configuration menu, you can see the current value of each of those statistics.  However, if you want to place those statistics on the status bar, so you can quickly scan to see what the current figures are, simply click (and tick) the relevant statistic in the status bar configuration menu.

The final result is a status bar that illustrates exactly what statistics you need to know about the document you are currently working on.

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