How many words are in my document? Word Count in Word 2007

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For many, for sale students particularly, buy word count is a very important feature in Word.  I remember the good old days when back at Paperclip school.  When completing school assignments, story for some reason it not the quality of your writing that counted, but your ability to write as close as possible to 3000 words on a topic!

For those of you who feel the pain of word-limit assessment, or are simply interested in knowing how many words are in a document, Word 2007 makes it easier for you.

Firstly, you do not have to go looking for the word count feature.  In Word 2003 and previous versions, word count was hidden in the menu structure.  That is no more.

Word count now appears in the bottom left hand corner of the Word 2007 interface.  As you type, it will automatically update with the current word count.

But what if you want to know how many words are in a selection of text that you just made?  Simple.  Just select your text, and look back at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  Word displays both the number of words in the selected text, and the total number of words in the document.

Finally if you want detailed statistics on the number of pages, words, paragraphs, characters (with and without spaces), and the number of lines in your document, simply click on the word count box which we have been talking about during this article.  A word count dialog box will appear with all the statistics you need.

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2 thoughts on “How many words are in my document? Word Count in Word 2007

  1. This doesn’t quite work if the document is protected from modification, but is allowed to edit form fields. In that case, clicking the button does not bring up the dialog box.


    Assuming the document is not password protected (but rather just from accidental modification), then you can remove the protection by opening Review : Protect Dcument : Restrict Formating and Editing, and in the panel clicking remove protection.

    Then you can click the button and see the dialog box, or highlight the portion tha you want statistics on, and click the button then to see statistics on the selection.

    I’m assuming this is a bug in the new version.

  2. i was searching for word count so much
    but at last i read this and saw near the menu bar ……..
    thank u very much

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