How often is my work saved in OneNote 2007? Part II

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Ok… I didn’t mean to scare all you OneNote fans out there.  The picture isn’t as bleak as I made it out in my last post about how often OneNote automatically saves your work.  Luckily Chris Pratley, one of the team at Microsoft responsible for OneNote put me on the straight and narrow!

Keep in mind that with OneNote 2007 you are always working against a local cache. The times you list are the intervals between replication events to those servers (which are long because http servers are slow relative to UNC shares). The saves to the cache however happen every few seconds. So even if the server goes away (because you took your laptop out of range of your wireless or some other problem), you never lose any data. And of course you can keep working while not connected to the server and the replication will take place when the server is available again.



Thanks Chris!  So there you have it… saving to the local cache means that your thoughts, notes and ideas are safe and sound!

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4 thoughts on “How often is my work saved in OneNote 2007? Part II

  1. Ok, if the power cord of my PC is unplugged suddenly or the electricity goes down
    (when not using UPS power supply) then how to restore my extremely valuable notes and
    numbers that I was typing just the last few seconds before the power-down? In other words, how to restore
    that cache file you mentioned?

    Read bellow … (Please email me your feedback to [ subs2718 AT yahoo dot com ]

    I did an experiment, I set a timer program I made to manually kill and terminate the onenote
    process (my custom program would kill and terminates both
    ONENOTEM.EXE and ONENOTE.EXE after ten seconds of launching), it would emulate a computer
    crash or a power-down …. Now I did the experiment multiple times, in 50 percent of times, it did NOT save
    the info I was typing, I don’t think it was restorable, and if it was, then how to restore it?
    Please tell me how, if possible.

    In other words, onece you launch my “timer-killer” program, and then start typing in onenote “1,2,3,4,…”
    then after a few seconds, the ONENOTEM.EXE and ONENOTE.EXE processes are both killed and the screen
    disappear, since I’ve been working in a newly-created sidenote, it is totally missing and I can’t restore it,
    except in about thirty percent, the note is not deleted and exist, although missing what I typed in the last few sdecnods.

    I used a harddrive monitoring tool that shows me all the read/write events and what
    filenames, … and of course timestamps. I did see a file being updated frequently,
    which is
    C:\Documents and Settings\someuser\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\OneNote\12.0\OneNoteOfflineCache.onecache

    I tried to rename and open that cache file, it doesn’t open with onenote.

    So still the question present itself: How often is my work saved???

    It’s very sad, I feel it’s a mistake of THE DEVELOPERS not to give a CLEAR ANSWER …
    it should offer an option to do a true-save (not cached-save that is undocumented how to restore it)
    EVERY second,
    or every 253 milliseconds or whatever…
    (well, would that kill my PC or my harddrive?)
    or everytime you touch the keyboard or move the mouse, you can’t be too careful
    or PARANOID, when it comes to data, ideas, numbers, sketches ….
    If some one disagrees, then at least why don’t they make it an option
    to enable/disable whenever the user desires.
    It won’t be terribly difficult, or cost a lot to offer such an option.
    I’m a programmer, I can shoe how easy it is (if they would ever release the sourcecode Ha HA)

    If I create a new side note and type and close it, it is probably saved,
    but if you minimize the window of the side note, and after a few seconds the PC crashes or…or… or
    (which is very possible) then we do not have peace of mind that the last typed info are saved.
    I can PROVE IT. I did.

    I hope the developers thought about that. At least they should offer automatic save on the
    hard drive every ONE second. A checkbox (an option). Just what does it harm to have such an option?
    Also whenever the window loses focus, or the user switch to another window, or the user minimizes the window …
    etc then it should be immediately saved.

    I programmed a sample application that whenever a change happen, it
    is immediately saved, with the option to UNDO , 20-level-UNDO is available. And it Never asks you to specify a filename.

    I searched many thinking tools (mindmapping, outlining .. such as KeyNote, MindMapper, ConceptDraw,MyInfo 3.50 …etc, …)
    unfortunately I have never found anything that is really satesfying, then I programmed my own program,
    which needs a lot of improvement).
    Again, I can PROVE that not everything you type in OneNote is restorable if the PC crashes or or or …,
    We’re takling 50 percent or maybe less is restored.
    Correct me if you believe I’m wrong.

  2. Hey there Investigatorr… some nice investigation.

    My take on this is that maybe the developers made a trade off between performance and the realities of world that suggest that you don’t need to save everything every second.

    And remember, 50% of the time it did save your work after 10 seconds!!! That is so much better than the percentage of recoverable emails I have had after my early beta copies of Outlook crashed.

    Mountain out a mole hill?

  3. If you’re so keen on saving your work every 100th millisecond then by all means get a UPS and secure your power cord to the PC. Still not enough get a laptop so you don’t have to worry about the power cord.

    Remember, only the Sith live on the extremes!

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