How often is my work saved in OneNote 2007?

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Ever wondered why there isn’t a save button in OneNote?  Because OneNote automatically saves your work as you go.  That is great to know, but what if you are working away at your masterpiece, the best idea you have ever had… and you loose power!!!  Have you lost all your work?

Well that depends on where the file is located.  OneNote will save the work to automatically at specific intervals, depending on where you saved the OneNote file.

  • Local Drive – every 5 seconds
  • UNC Share – every 30 seconds
  • SharePoint library – every 10 minutes
  • HTTP share – every 10 minutes

So the moral of the story is that if you are working on an idea in a very fast paced manner… probably best to work off the local drive.  If you like to take your time to think things over, then storing your OneNote files remotely is the way to go.

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2 thoughts on “How often is my work saved in OneNote 2007?

  1. Keep in mind that with OneNote 2007 you are always working against a local cache. The times you list are the intervals between replication events to those servers (which are long because http servers are slow relative to UNC shares). The saves to the cache however happen every few seconds. So even if the server goes away (because you took your laptop out of range of your wireless or some other problem), you never lose any data. And of course you can keep working while not connected to the server and the replication will take place when the server is available again.


  2. Hi,

    I just used OneNote today, and I cannot find any trace of my notes or the recording of the meeting!

    Can you provide any tips on how to recover this?

    I put my laptop to sleep (winXP pro, sp3), but apparently it rebooted when I docked in the office again, and everything was gone!



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