What are Galleries in Office 2007?

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Galleries make it easier for you to make formatting changes to your documents, spreadsheets or presentations using Office 2007.

What does a Gallery look like?

Put simply, galleries show you what your layout, formatting or colour options look like.  For example the picture on the right (click to see at full size) shows us a gallery in Word 2007 that illustrates what all the different choices are if you want to insert a coverpage into the document.  From the gallery I can look at the design and formatting of the page BEFORE clicking on it, and make a decision if I like it or not.  The gallery includes many different design layouts  which you can choose from.  If you feel very artistic you can also great your own designs to choose from.

Galleries appear in many different places throughout all the different applications in Office 2007.  In Word 2007, you can use galleries when choosing how headings look (which is called applying ‘styles’), when choosing a coverpage, when selecting the formatting of your header and footer, and even when selecting what watermark you want to appear in the document.

Galleries enable you to pick the layout, or look and feel of your document very quickly, and saves you the hassle of having to undo a change if you do not like it!

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