The New Paperclip… Coming Soon!

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You thought I was gone… think again… I am back with a new Outlook on life!  I dumped my old style, bought some new fashionable glasses, and use some new fancy metal polish… it is not what you are thinking… I prefer to call myself a metrosexual paperclip!  Take my Word for it.  I Excel at all things Office 2007, especially when I Access my Tablet PC.  The battery on it is a bit flakey though, so I need to plug it into a PowerPoint.  The New Paperclip is my first Project after being shown the door at Microsoft.  For a while there I was on a long and winding Infopath, trying new things (I applied for a job as a shape in Visio, but didn’t get an interview!).  I guess I need to work on my resume to Project a better image.  After that setback I decided to follow my dream to become a world famous Publisher.  That would have been Frontpage news a while ago… but for some reason whenever I look at the cover of the newspaper, all I see is SharePoint Designer.  What a strange world we live in!

I hope you continue to read my prose on Office 2007.  I will be serving up all my favourite tips and techniques for all your favourite Office 2007 applications.  Plus I might even show you some video so you can follow at home or in the office… that is if I get my web cam to work!

Peace out


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